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We have significant experience recruiting into the mining and oil and gas industries internationally. We've worked with greenfield projects through to operations, projects and exploration phases. Our international experience includes major projects in Australia, Indonesia, Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, PNG and the United States to name a few.

Delivering exceptional talent over the long-term

We have been delivering mining talent to the industry for over 8 years.

Staffing up mining operations, projects from greenfields to expansions and even mine-closure. We have helped secure technical, maintenance, production, operations and leadership mining professionals across the globe.

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International and domestic recruitment

Recruiting into Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Most of Africa and even Kazakhstan.

We are arguably the leading agency when it comes to delivering exceptional talent anywhere across the globe. We have extensive experience across Australia as well as expatriate recruitment of mining professionals into the above mentioned countries. True without borders recruitment ensures that the focus is on the best possible talent.

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