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As investors in the underlying technology as well as the various assets associated with various blockchains we deliver a unique understanding when recruiting for blockchain based startups and technology companies.

Investors, advocates and recruiters

We invest into, advocate for and recruit for the web 3.0.

Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology and set to change the way we see the web and organizations globally. We are not only investors but also advocates and recruiters for this leading edge technology.

The underlying technology presents endless opportunities to increase efficiencies in many industries.

Regardless of the industry your project is targeting, or the initiative you are working towards we can help you source key talent.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, FLOW and more

Regardless of the blockchain, underlying technology or protocols we can help you secure top blockchain talent for your project, new blockchain, dApp and more.

From finance to gaming, new blockchains, smart contracts, tokens, coins, dApps and more - we have experience across the board.

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